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Wedding Photographer in Norwich

From 0.00

01603 219119

 These are just a sample of our packages. We tailor make them to suit all couples and are happy to offer the service you want.


 Click here for our wedding gallery


Last minute or low budget wedding?

We have been approached by several couples recently who want a professional photographer but don't think they can afford one. Well..... we think you are wrong.

We can attend your wedding for as little as 100 for a service only package or from 280 for service and reception.

If you want to spend thousands on wedding photos and want a gilted leather album then look away now. (Or look at our packages below).

We offer you a full budget service with no frills. With only a 20% booking fee we won't charge you any more to attend. . This way you are not paying over the odds for a fancy album you might not want but you get superb wedding shots from a professional photographer with 20 years experience and 208x6 prints. Not bad huh.

Perfect for small registry weddings with a minimum of fuss. Maximum of 30 guests.

We aim to send orders out within 7 days of purchase. Albums 8 weeks

We can pop along to the evening bash with the photos printed (hopefully we get enough time in between to print them all as sometimes Rob gets carried away) for a two venue package. This service is for weddings within Norwich and can either be weekend or weekday we just need a bit of notice. If you wish us to attend outside Norwich give us a ring  anyway we will just have to work out a price to cover travel expenses to get to the venue and to be able to print for the day itself.


Extra coffee books can be bought at 75 each or 150 if bride and groom wish to select their own images.





Extra Evening booking available with any package

Invite us to the evening celebration for an extra 25.00 booking fee and we will come along and take photos of your guests getting together, maybe for the first time in years, and we can print and bring the pictures back in the same evening. Prints are  7.50 each, buy two get one free on th evening and 7.50 each after the event. Available for Norwich or South Norwich venues only.

Follow this link to see examples:

Evening Event

If we can't help here are some pointers to think about when looking for a photographer.


1.  Ask your photographer how many camera bodies they have and make sure they are using high quality professional cameras.  We have three professional canon camera bodies so we can cover all aspects of the day and various lenses.

2. Ask you photographer for the highest quality images at the highest resolution. We shoot high quality images, not just jpg, so you get the best from your day. A small jpg size image will not enlarge well if you require a large print or canvas for your wall.

3. Ask you photographer what they can offer you in prints. We can work in colour, black and white or sepia.

4. Ask your photographer for real photos. We have our own photo lab which runs traditional wet, silver halide chemistry, this means it won't fade in the sun like other prints from inkjet or di-sub. Even some traditional photo stores are changing to large dry lab units which are inkjet and not wet chemistry. Running our own photo lab means we can keep the cost of prints down to make them affordable for friends and family from only 7.50 for an 8x6. We even do canvas prints on premesis.

5. Ask your photographer how many years experience they have. Robert has been a professional portrait and wedding photographer for 25 years.

6. Ask your photographer what the proof size of the photos will be so they are large enough to be able to choose. We offer a preview album of 5x7 so you can see clearly what you will get. If you do our budget service we bring the 8x6's with us for you to see the quality.

7. Ask your photographer what their turn around time will be. We often gst asked if we can take the prints from the ceremony along in the evening so that relatives travelling can get a chance to see them. This is not a problem. Even a canvas can be done within 24 hours.

8. Ask how you can view the photographs. We put them on our website for you all to see so that you can select in the comfort of your own home without any pressure.

9. Find out how long it takes before photographers can fulfill orders. Some take several months. Ask a for a time scale to be put in writing.

If you already have a photographer for the ceremony but would like us to attend the evening to capture groups of friends and family we are more than happy to attend. We are happy to discuss your requirements please call 01603 219119 for a chat.




All our weddings are bespoke.

For your guidance

The Lowest price package we expect to finish with around 80-100 finished images

St Johns - We will offer a minimum of 100 images



 but obviously we take a lot more to get the perfect shots.

Wedding Photography Norwich, Wedding Photography Norfolk, Wedding Photographer Norwich

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