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October 12th Wilsons Phalarope HEADING_TITLE

We set off at 8am from Norwich in thick Fog so it took a while before we saw our first bird of the day which happened to be a pair of magpies actually in Norwich and a redwing was in a bush near the Hewitt School.

As we went past the airport we could hear a robin singing in the hedgerow and 2 Black Headed Gulls were flying around the Macdonalds car park.

Just outside Norwich on the Holt road the fog lifted a little enough to spot wood pigeons feeding in the fields and Rooks and crows at the top of trees waiting for the sun to warm them up.

By the time we got to Cawston the fog had almost completely cleared and the weather became perfect for a days birdwatching. In the village we saw sveral Collared Doves on the rooftops and a small flock of long tailed tits buzzed around inthe top of a hedge.

The tip at edgefield was unusually quiet but a small group of starlings sat on the wires and a blackbird crossed the road making an alarm call in front of the car.

Just past Edgefield a moorhen was randomly wandering about in the road nowhere near a pond that we could see and a red legged partridge raced across a garden.

As we passed Holt Country park the sun came out in earnest and 2 Jays sat in a tree near the entrance in full sun. They looked absolutely gorgeous.

In Holt we saw several Jackdaws on the rooftops, a blue tit in a hedge and just as it was mentioned that hopefully pheasants would be hiding up so they didn't get shot, we saw around 50 in one field.

On the way to Cley we heard a wren singing in a tree and a goldcrest was somewhere near also calling. we were also able to watch a beautiful Kestrel sat on a wire before it flew off.

Along the A149 on the way to Salthouse a newly ploughed field was attracting a goodly number of lapwings and a few greylag geese.

Salthouse proved to be a really good stop.  A mute swan and cygnets were feeding on the marshland and coots and mallards were feeding on the pond. The bushes by the car park road were alive with House sparrows all bickering with each other. We left the car in the car park and walked upto the pools. There wasn't much on the first pool but further on we saw Turnstone, Egyptian Geese, Teal, Wigeon, Canadian Geese, Snipe, Meadow Pipits, herring Gull, shelduck, redshank, shovelor Pied Wagtail on the shingle bank, Little Egret, grey heron, Linnets, Skylark, Greenfinch and common gull. As we walked a Goshawk flew over our heads and large flocks of Pink feet and greylags were on the move. As we headed back to the car past the pond we were lucky to see a male water rail running along the edge and the Black Swan came to investigate us. In the gardens a large flock of about 50 goldfinches could be seen in the trees and bushes.

As we drove along to Cley we stopped briefly to watch 3 stonechats interacting.

We aimed to stop at Walsey Hills for a couple of minutes but stayed well over an hour watching the birds on the feeders. The trees around were busy with Coal Tits, Great Tits, Dunnock, chaffinches Robin, Blue tits, Bullfinches, and an unidentified brown job also a Redpoll flew over.

On th e Small pond at the bottom a a little grebe was feeding 

Onwards to Pats Pool at Cley with excellent views of Black Tailed Godwit, Ruff, Wigeon, Shovelor, Teal, Golden Plover, cormorant, Little stint, Ringed PLover, Sparrowhawk (sat in a Tree), marsh harrier and Avocet.

We sat and watched for about an hour and could hear the bedlam being caused by a Wilsons phalarope giving birdwatchers the run around. We decided not to join in and relax until the bird broke our peace and landed in pats pool about 2 mins after Steve Gantlett left.  At that point a great rush of birdwatchers descended on the hide. We did get some great views but were disappointed at the racket some people were making.

Final bird of the day on our way home at 2pm was a nice hobby

68 birds


This article was published on Wednesday 15 October, 2008.
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